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On July 1, 1990, Xi Zhongxun, vice chairperson of National People’s Congress wrote “A good doctor with selfless contribution to people” for Prof. Lai Huiwu.  In November 1992, Tian Jiyun, member of the Political Bureau of CPC Central Committee, vice premier, and vice chairperson of the 8th National People’s Congress wrote “Safeguarding the health and longevity of people” for China Xianyang Health Care Products Factory.
Yang Zhengquan, director of China National Radio wrote “Marvelous Chinese medicine, evangel for people’s health”, expressing best wishes for 505 Group. Shao Huaze, member of CPC Central Committee and director of People’s Daily wrote “Climbing a higher step” for Prof. Lai Huiwu. 

On September 10, 1990, Wang Zhen, vice president of China and president of China-Japan Friendship Association wrote “Benefiting the people” for Prof. Lai Huiwu. 

Prof. Wang Mianzhi, director-general of Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and director of the committee of drug evaluation of the Ministry of Health wrote “Treasure of China, safeguard for Chinese people, promote the vitality and longevity of people, sufficient vitality assures good health” for 505 Group. 

Cui Yueli, former minister of the Ministry of Health wrote “Soaring high up” for Prof. Lai Huiwu. 

In May 1991, He Jiesheng, vice minister of the Ministry of Health wrote “Exploring treasured Chinese medicine, rendering better service for people’s health” for Prof. Lai Huiwu. 
In March 1990, Prof. Chen Keji, consultant of traditional medicine of World Health Organization, member of the medical evaluation committee of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council wrote “Benefiting the patients and deriving pleasure from kindness” for Prof. Lai Huiwu. Lu Jiaxi, vice chairperson of the Political Consultative Conference of China and rector of Chinese Academy of Sciences wrote “Upholding traditional Chinese medicine and benefiting our offspring” for 505 Group. 
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